Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Problems Keeping a Sketchbook?

Are You Having Problems Keeping a Sketchbook?

One of the most difficult disciplines to maintain as an artist once you leave school is keeping a regular sketchbook.  Yet, there is nothing more essential to keeping your mind open, your skills honed, and your creativity flowing than the unrestricted and safe space of a personal sketchbook.

Here are just two recommendations:
1.  Get a sketchbook buddy. You've heard of gym buddies, coffee clutches and diet partners, well why not a friend who will be supportive, shares your love of drawing and painting, and help keep you focused on what is really important to you...Your Art!

Here is my sketchbook buddy!  We meet for 30 minutes to an hour once a week to draw.

2. Try the Sketchbook project:
Check out mine:

By the way, it was my sketchbook buddy, Kourtney, who got me to participate!

Here's where to sign up:

Hope that is some help!  Be sure to share your work with our little blog community!

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